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FortiFone telephones combine excellent audio quality with optimum usability, providing you with maximum value. You that get a range of phones taht are built to work hard as well as look professional. with large LCD displays and big, bright lights for appearance keys. The line-up covers the needs of the whole office, from basic user to advance attendant. Looking for line appearance, advance programmability and teleworker extensions that work just like extensions? FortiFone I P phones are the answer. They're loaded with advance features and configured themselves automatically, meaning you don't need to be an expert tp install them.And, because they plug into your existing computer network, you don't need to run phone wiring to each desk.

Plug your Fortinet phone in anywhere and it can function just like your extension in the office. It's the perfect solution for teleworkers or employees who spilt thie time between office and their home office.(requieres broadband Internet access).
High-quality full-duplex speakers
Highly visible programmable illuminated feature/apperance keys.