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FortiFone Fon-600, the perfect analog telephone for those who understand that every call counts. A premium business speakerphone, the FON-600 features a large adjustable backlit LCD display, a sleek, user-friendly interface and versatile programmability. This telephone set offers superior sound qaulity and sleek headset integration with two headset ports and built-in amplifier. The impressive display is easy to read for enhanced efficiency.
The FON-600 can be powered through a telephone cable connected to a wall jack or a cord adapter. Only once cable connects to the telephone, making installation easier.
The FON-600 is designed exclusively for use with FOrtiVoice system and delivers unique feautures such as on-hook paging and itercom.
Headset support
RJ22 and 2.5mm headset jacks.
Voice mail waiting indicator with massage count