Security Surveillance Systems
See What's Going on When You're Not There

Protect your home or business with a security surveillance system that is easy to access, reliable, and provides an all-in-one solution that protects you. New Jersey Solutions has the expertise to help you select the best security system for your unique needs and your budget. 

Choosing a security surveillance system?
Security camera systems provide you with quick access to view what is going on in your home or business and most security camera systems also give you the ability to view multiple cameras at once.

When choosing a security surveillance system, first ask yourself why you need it. Do you need it strictly for security or do you need to keep your eye on people? Knowing the reason helps you understand whether you need an exposed or hidden camera. How many security cameras will you need to purchase? Think about all the rooms and areas of your business or home that you need monitored and don’t forget about the exterior. Next think about whether you need to hear what is going on or not. Some systems provide audio and others don’t.

What level of detail do you expect to view from your surveillance system? Systems come with different frame rates and range of camera. The slower the frame rate, the longer the recording, but the quality of the picture is low. Another consideration when selecting a security system is whether you will need remote access to check up on your business or home when you are away. This is a great feature if you are away a lot and have access to a computer. Also, security camera systems come with options such as remote control, zooming and widening the camera’s view, storage of data collection, and indoor and outdoor views.

There are various types of security camera systems available to suit your needs. New Jersey Solutions offers both wired and wireless systems and we can also provide you with affordable installation at your home or business. If you need help selecting the right system that matches your needs and budgets, contact us. We can help you select the perfect system for you.

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Installing a security camera system requires up front planning to find the appropriate locations to install the cameras. High traffic areas are considered as well as areas that are of high value to you. If installing a wired security camera system, the running of wires needs to be taken into consideration. In addition, you need to consider what type of storage and back up storage you will need.

New Jersey Solutions is a full service provider of surveillance security cameras and CCTV system installation services. Our professional installers provide complete installation of security camera systems, video surveillance systems, DVR, Access Control Systems, and much more.

The installation of a security camera system for your business or home begins with a free consultation. We start with talking with you to access your requirements and the type of business and location you have and then we tailor the installation to meet your specific needs and budget. We provide security camera system installation for your business or home that is easy for you use and you can call us 24 hours a day if any issues should arise.

Contact us for a free estimate. We offer one year interest free financing on all packages, TV’s and computers. In addition, we offer 24/7 support after the installation of your security camera system.